Summer is almost here! This season brings with it many family-favorite activities—cookouts, vacations, and holidays make it a time of year that many people enjoy. The Tub Pros, specializing in rejuvenating and resurfacing of kitchens and bathrooms in the Memphis metro area, Mississippi, and Arkansas, know how fun it can be to spend summer months making memories that will last for years to come.

Now that the Coronavirus lockdowns seem to be behind us, for those with little ones at home, summer brings school break and lots of activities, too. Swimming, sports, and get-togethers with friends might be a big part of how lots of kids spend their summer—but summer break can pose some problems for families, too. Kids might get more screen time and junk food during the summer—and less exercise and social interaction. Without the structure of school—and with the family’s daily routine thrown off—summer can also be a recipe for stress.

But one way to engage kids during the summer is something you do every day—preparing meals. The kitchen, often called the heart of the home, has this name for a reason, and is a spot for the whole family to gather. Here, we’ll break down how to get kids engaged in the kitchen—and how The Tub Pros can help make this happen.

Why is it a good idea to get my kids involved in the kitchen?

With the daily rush to get meals together and dishes cleaned up, it might seem like more of a hassle than it’s worth to involve kids in more than the most basic task of rinsing their dishes—and it might even seem dangerous. But basic kitchen skills can help keep kids of all ages safe, and more family involvement might even ease some mealtime stress.

That’s the case for a few reasons. Kids who know the basic features of appliances like the oven and stove are less likely to want to play with them when they’re bored and alone—which means that when you show kids what’s in the kitchen, you might be cutting out problems later on. And knowing how to use a tool—like a knife or grater—properly, and having lots of supervised practice, can keep kids safe when they want to help and contribute to their meals.

Getting kids involved in the kitchen can also promote healthy eating, and cut down on picky eating at meals. When kids are involved in preparing a meal, they are usually more likely to want to try out new foods. It can help them form a healthy relationship with food and be curious about different cultures and cuisines.

That’s not all. Cooking and meal preparation involve math—like measuring ingredients or doubling recipes—and reading—sounding out and learning words from instructions. Even while kids are out of school, the kitchen can be a classroom for the summer and sharpen learning skills.

How can I start when including kids in the kitchen?

When you bring kids into the kitchen, it’s a good idea to establish some basic rules for cooking that can help keep everyone safe. Teaching kids to wash their hands frequently—especially when handling eggs or raw meat—can help prevent food poisoning. Understanding how fires are started in the kitchen and how to put them out is also important. 

Supervise children when they’re near hot or sharp tools, too, and remember to demonstrate and teach good safety practices—turn pot handles away from the edge of the stove, wear shoes, and pull back loose hair or clothes. And remember to clean up the kitchen together, too.

Patience is key, too. Making a mess and slow progress in meal prep might make the process feel impossible or like a waste of time, but preparing kids early can give them valuable confidence down the road. A child with the skills that let them work safely in the kitchen is well-equipped for life later on. Memories of family times spent in the kitchen will last a lifetime.  

What skills can I teach to my child?

The skills best for your kids to learn depend on their age, their experience, and the amount of time you have to spend teaching and cooking with them. But generally, the skills that are ideal for different age groups to learn can be broken into some broad categories.  

Little kids, those aged 3 – 5, might be good at measuring and pouring ingredients, washing fruits and veggies, and stirring room-temperature ingredients. Grade school kids can stir, too—and can even do tasks like browning ground meats (while supervised) and chopping soft foods.

Tweens can do more complicated tasks—and might even be ready to prepare a recipe alone, though they may have some questions along the way. And a teen, with preparation, can be ready to take on preparing a full recipe for a meal, and inventing their own.

How can The Tub Pros help me in my kitchen?

At The Tub Pros, we’re proud to be the leading refinishing service in the Mid-South. We make your space beautiful, safe, and functional again, after time and wear took their toll. We take kitchen and bathrooms that look tired, worn down, dated, or simply aren’t working for your family working the way they need to, and turn them into vibrant and functional spaces again.

When you want to spend time in your kitchen cooking up some family memories, you don’t want to deal with scratches or burns on your counters.  A dated appearance or overall wear and tear, drags down the look of your home. But you don’t need total kitchen remodel ideas yet—refinishing can give the look and feel of a counter for a fraction of the cost, time, and hassle of a major renovation. So whether you’re wondering how to repair a damaged sink, how to revitalize Corian countertops, or how to freshen up dated tile, The Tub Pros gets your space looking and working great again.

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