The Safeway Step converts your tub into a functional shower without having to remodel or tear out the existing tub. The Safeway Tub Door has all of the same great qualities of the Tub Step, but with a door and water tight seal.


The Tub Door allows you to draw a full bath while still enjoying all of the benefits of the Tub Step. By choosing Safeway Safety Step products as an option for your tub conversion, you can save money while gaining peace of mind.

Our products allow for better and safer access to your tub or converted shower for you and your caregiver. Professional installation is available for these products

  • Affordable alternative compared to other bath conversions on the market… No more costly tear outs!

  • The Safeway Step and Door offer a safer alternative to bathtub and shower¬†accessibility

  • Average professional installation time is 2 – 4 hours.

  • Installs on most tubs including: fiberglass, acrylic, cast iron and steel.

  • Add additional bath safety products including grab bars, benches and hand-held shower heads.

  • Water tight seal backed by a limited lifetime warranty.


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