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What We Do

We re-surface porcelain, steel, cast iron, fiberglass, acrylic and cultured marble bathtubs, showers, wall tile and counter tops. We offer color changes from old outdated colors.

We can repair cracks or chips in your fiberglass, acrylic and cultured marble tub and shower bottoms. We refinish acrylic bathtubs and shower liners also. We only use the best materials available on the market and we never skip steps in the installation of our products.

We are so confident in our products and services that we stand behind our installations with a written warranty, not a verbal one. All of our technicians are factory certified in the refinishing process and prepared to leave you with the best results and experience possible.

Choosing A Bathtub Refinisher

Choosing a refinisher is difficult. Make a poor choice and you could be in for trouble. We actually see a fair amount of newly refinished tubs with streaks or where the topcoat is peeling. The problems usually stem from improper surface preparation and poor quality materials. Here are some things to look for in a refinisher.

Experience: Make sure your refinisher has been refinishing for at least 5 years.

Quality Materials: The quality of the materials makes all the difference. Using inferior products increases the chances the finished product will peel or chip. We frequently get calls from customers who have had their tubs refinished with inferior materials. The finish is peeling or cracking. A tub that has been refinished with quality materials will last for 15 years or more if well maintained. 

Bathtub, shower, tile, sink and countertop refinishing

Refinishing is the smartest choice to deal with an outdated or damaged tub, shower stall, counter top, sink or wall tile. Chips, rust, cracks, stains and dull areas completely go away. Fixtures with outdated colors can be changed to look new again. You choose the color to fit your new decor. Most customers can’t tell the difference between a refinished tub and a new one. 

Faced with worn or dated fixtures, you have the choice of refinishing or replacement. Think again about replacement. Replacement, especially bathtubs, includes expensive tradesmen and a week of hassles. Frequently demolition is required. That means noisy, dusty work that causes damage to your floors, walls and plumbing. Not to mention the cost savings, replacing a tub can cost $2,500 or more. 

Thinking about refinishing yourself? We strongly suggest you don’t. Bathtub Refinishing or Reglazing is not a do-it-yourself project; it involves the use of strong chemicals and materials that are beyond the skill and ability for most homeowners and untrained users. DIY kits are limited in their strength, durability and way they are applied. Most often DIY refinishing jobs end up being redone by a professional with the additional cost of stripping the peeling finish. If these kits actually worked, there’d be no need for professional refinishers. 

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Workspace Preparation: Make sure your bathroom is protected from overspray. A little bit of topcoat material can get on your walls. It may not be apparent when both are white but even a little topcoat on a colored wall will stick out like a sore thumb. Also, make sure the bathroom is thoroughly ventilated. Some companies use a simple box fan stuck in a window. That just won’t do. Make sure the area is ventilated with a powerful exhaust system.

Warranty: Make sure you get a warranty in writing. Companies make a lot of promises but don’t always deliver. A written warranty is security you can bank on.  


The Tub Pros LLC warrants its services and workmanship for bathtubs, showers, ceramic tile, cultured marble and laminate countertops for residential properties for Six (6) years, One (1) year for commercial or rental properties, or Two (2) service calls, from date of service against cracking, peeling or failures of adhesion.

Spot, hole or crack repairs are only warrantied for (1) year, some exclusions may apply. Subject to the following conditions and exclusions:

· Do not use any refinished surface before Four (4) hours after completion.

· If the surface is damaged or peeling, please contact us within Seventy-two (72) hours or warranty is subject to void.

· Damage caused by constant wetness from leaking plumbing, standing water, or by items such as: bathmats,  pillows, soap dishes, bar soap or soap bottles etc. left in/on any refinished surface. We offer Non-skid, a slip resistant surface, as a viable solution to a bathmat.

· Damage to refinished surface caused by exposure to water before product is fully dry/cured.

· Damage caused by falling objects, or marks or scratches resulting from accidental or intentional abuse  (including picking or peeling of surface).

· Damage caused by use of tools, ladders or other heavy objects in/on any resurfaced area or knocked against it.

· Rust, corrosion, mineral buildup and spot repairs are not covered under warranty.

· Damage from chemicals or from the use of abrasive cleaners, scrub pads, steel wool, sand paper, chemical drain  cleaners, dyes or other harsh chemicals (refer to Care & Maintenance form).

· Damage caused by movement/settling of the floor, wall or substructure resulting in cracks in/on the refinished surface, or caulking and grout lines.

· Water damage occurring from the re-appearance of cracks or holes that have been repaired.

There could be underlying problems which cause this to occur, such as movement/settlement of the property or resurfaced item, the item was poorly supported when originally installed, etc.

The occupant should cease use immediately and notify us to set up a time for repair of damaged crack and/or hole.

· Caulking is not covered under warranty under any circumstance.

· We do not warrant damage to the refinished surface due to customer removal of tape/plastic. There may be  some tape or plastic left behind, due to risk of technician damaging newly refinished surface by its removal.

Customer will be responsible for the removal (refer to Care & Maintenance form).

Damage due to tape or any other adhesive applied to any refinished area at any time.

· Degradation of refinished surface caused by lack of proper care and cleaning (refer to Care & Maintenance  form).

· We do not warrant the matching of any color to any surface. Customer will be requested to approve any custom  tinted color before it is applied to the surface.

· Countertop coverage does not include laminate lifting/separating off the substrate or backsplashes separating  from the countertop or wall.

Due to the composition of the Multi-spec material, final application pattern may not match sample exactly.

· We will do our best to cover, tape, mask and drop cloth the area surrounding the item being refinished, but we  are not responsible for any overspray that may occur or settling of dried paint dust on any surface.

It is the customers responsibility to remove or cover any items not in the immediate surrounding area.

All refinished sinks will be covered under a One (1) year warranty. Extended warranty does not apply to sinks. Warranty will be void if change of property status occurs (property changes from residential to commercial/rental, or if property is sold).

Warranty is only valid for the owner/occupant of the property at the time of refinishing. The Tub Pros employees oral statement does not constitute warranties, shall not be relied upon by the buyer, and are not part of this agreement.

There are no warranties which extend beyond the written description stated in this agreement. Any damage to the refinished surface not covered under warranty will be subject to a travel charge and repair charge.

Any damage covered/not covered under warranty outside of our service area will result in a travel charge. American Standard is our standard color, any other color must be requested by the customer before refinishing, and will result in a tinting fee. We are not responsible for opening or closing any windows or damage that may occur during the process.


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