2022 has brought in new trends all around the house—from soft shades of blue and green made popular as Colors of the Year to dramatic dark shades sweeping bathroom styles. 2022 has brought in something new for every room of your home.

It should come as no surprise to hear this includes new trends in the kitchen—the heart of the home is often a showpiece for homeowners, and can show its age in a matter of a few short years as trends come and go. With open floor plans being popular today and making the kitchen visible to guests right away, it’s especially important for the room to be something you’re proud of—something that can be hard as trends come and go.

So how can you bring your kitchen into March 2022, and get a fresh start along with some spring cleaning? Here, we’ll break down the newest kitchen trends—including which are likely to stick around for a while—and let you know how The Tub Pros can help get your home looking its best in the greater Memphis Metro area, Germantown, Collierville, north Mississippi and Arkansas.

What are the kitchen color trends for 2022?

While white minimalist kitchens have been popular for years, 2022 has brought in pops of bright color—and not just on the walls. Jewel tones—like deep red, navy blue, or a dark green—are increasing in popularity in kitchen spaces, especially as cabinet colors. While painting all your cabinets might seem overwhelming, painting some select cabinets—like those under the island, or in a pantry—could be a compromise to add a modern touch of color.

But it’s not just paint color—metal and wood finishes are also increasingly popular to mix up your kitchen’s visuals. The look of natural wood is running parallel to the trend in painted cabinets, and light, unpainted wooden cabinetry and features can be another way to modernize your space. Hardwood floors or butcher block counters are another way to bring wood into the space, and add a vintage, natural touch.

What materials and design ideas are trending in 2022?

But it’s not just butcherblock and natural wood making an appearance as materials this year—countertop styles are in flux, with light stones like travertine and dark versions of veined natural stone both gaining popularity. Mixed metals and metallic finishes are also increasing in popularity—but brass hardware might be on its way out. Instead, cabinets without handles and with soft, rounded corners are on their way in—as are patterned or interestingly shaped tiles on the floor or as a backsplash.

Sinks with apron fronts that hide things underneath can make the kitchen feel more like any other room, and are on their way in—the same goes for porcelain sinks, with their clean and classic look.

What are some long term trends?

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed a lot of things about our lives, including the designs growing in popularity for kitchens. Built-in features—like offices, desks, homework stations, coffee bars, and even dog beds—are growing in popularity as families spend more time at home and demand more from their spaces.

Also high on the list of what homeowners want? Custom storage, including cabinets and doors to disguise and tuck away appliances, and make the space look more like the rest of the home. And those appliances themselves are in big demand—black stoves and induction ranges are growing in popularity, both for sleek appeal and for their eco-friendly features. Smart features, like fridges or ovens that connect to your smartphone, are also increasing in popularity, as technology proves itself here to stay.

What are some steps I can take to update my space?

Not sure you’re ready to swap out your countertops or paint your cabinets a dramatic shade? There are plenty of ways to update your kitchen without undertaking major renovations. Warm, neutral, earthy colors—like gray or taupe—can modernize the space and bring a hint of the outdoors in while still maintaining some classic appeal. A major trend in kitchens feeling more like an extension of the space—artwork, lamps, or accessories you might often think of as belonging in the living room can have the effect of making the heart of the room look more like the style of the rest of your home.

As spring gives way to warmer weather and summer, kitchen trends like painting your cabinets, replacing hardware, or updating accessories can be a way to push your spring cleaning further and modernize your space. Those with bigger budgets and time to invest in a project, might consider bigger remodels. Like revamping your floor plan to let the kitchen flow into the rest of your space, finding a spot for a pantry, or replacing cabinets to fit new appliances.

But you don’t need to rip out your kitchen to get a new look—small steps, like reglazing, can help to get your space looking new again. If you’d like to update your white tile backsplash, reglazing can give you a sleek, slightly warmer gray tone, and if you’re looking to fix damage areas and save your farmhouse sink, reglazing can repair any chips or cracks and make it look clean and function like new for years to come. Even better? Reglazing can update your countertops, too, and either restore their natural color or update them with a new color and feel to the space.

Where can I find counter and sink reglazing near me?

At The Tub Pros, we’re proud to be the leading refinishers in the greater mid-south region of Tennessee, Mississippi and Arkansas. Our professional team is here to resurface your counters and sinks, along with tubs, tiles, showers, and more. So whether you’re looking for kitchen sink reglazing or full countertop refinishing to bring a new color into the space, we’ve got something that can make your home look its best—something that never goes out of style.

Ready to get started? We’re here to help—give us a call at (901) 871-8827 or use our online contact link and take the first step towards your project today. Additional free value added information can be found in our website article library.