While the temperatures are still warm and the weather still nice in the Memphis, Arkansas, and Mississippi areas of the Mid-South, fall is starting to make its way here. Many are eagerly anticipating their favorite fall activities. Fall football, BBQ, gumbo, tailgating, and bonfires are just a few fall and family gathering activities. The Tub Pros proudly serve the Memphis metro-area and beyond and are ready to get your kitchen and bathroom, good to go in fall 2022! This is also the time of year when people start the switch from taking a shower, to bathing in a tub…part of that “weather change” thing that is coming up soon. 

You don’t have to be out and about to enjoy the season, either—baking favorite treats or enjoying a warm bath are fall favorites for many people. And while seasonal treats are probably best enjoyed in moderation, warm water—like a bath or shower—can actually be beneficial for your health.

So how exactly does that work? And what can you do if your bathtub or shower looks worn, tired, or less than inviting? Here, we’ll break down the health benefits of a warm bath or shower, and let you know the benefits of having The Tub Pros get your bathroom looking and working great again.

Why is warm water good for your health?

It’s not just that a warm bath can feel good—your body actually reacts to the heat in a way that is beneficial. The first reason? Endorphins. Consider the invigorating feel of the sun on your skin. Warm water can have the same effect, and can prompt your body to release natural endorphins that make you feel good.

But it’s not just endorphins—warm water on your chest can increase your lung capacity, which means you take in more oxygen, which improves your breathing and lung function and can even help ease cold and allergy symptoms and boost your immunity to seasonal illnesses. And since your heart beats faster in response to increased water temperature, you get the benefits of a good cardio workout, too—sometimes burning as many calories as you would on a walk. On the opposite end is the health benefits of a cold or ice bath. Wim Hof has become the father of cold bath therapy. It has moved out of the sports locker room into the everyday bathroom.  

And if you’ve ever noticed that sore muscles feel better after a warm soak, there’s a reason for that—the warm temperatures can help to reduce inflammation, and being submerged in water can help to take pressure off of joints and muscles that are always at work. Nurses use this practice, called therapeutic bathing, to help patients with pains and swelling, among other chronic conditions.

In total? The anti-inflammatory response to warm water, combined with natural release endorphins and benefits for your heart and lungs, mean that a warm bath can have many more benefits than just washing away a day of stress.

Are there challenges or dangers with a bathtub?

But a relaxing bath isn’t without risks and warnings. First, getting into and out of the tub can pose a challenge for some. Those with limited mobility need to use caution. Slip and fall accidents account for a large percentage of yearly bathroom injuries, and can turn your stress-easing soak into a painful or bone breaking experience.

The temperature of the water matters, too. Water between 100 and 105 degrees is usually considered safe. Between 98 and 100 degrees is usually seen as the best temperature for relaxation. Since those temperatures are just slightly higher than your body temperature, it feels pleasantly warm without posing risks.

But water over 102 – and definitely over 105 – can pose risks with prolonged exposure. It can cause breathing or heart issues as the heart speeds to a dangerous pace. This will reverse the benefits of warm water. Water at 120 degrees is scalding, and can cause painful burns. And too-hot water can dry your skin, making it tingly, itchy, and uncomfortable.

What is the best way to get the health benefits of warm water?

First, make sure that your bathroom is ready—ensure there are grab bars or accessibility features as needed, and make sure the tub is clean and has all of the accessories you might need, ready to use. Towels close by, soap in the soap dish or in a pump bottle. A body brush or wash cloth. You get the idea….then, choose a water temperature that feels right for you—while the most comfortable is often at about 100 degrees, you can also go a bit hotter or cooler.

If you’re looking for a bath that will help you get to sleep, a more neutral temperature, of around 94-98 degrees, can help you drift off—aim to bathe about an hour or two before bed. Add some jasmine essential oils to your bath water.

It’s also a good idea to avoid artificial fragrances and dyes, which can dry or irritate your skin. But essential oils like eucalyptus or lavender can help to lower stress while also soothing your skin. If you plan to use a bath bomb, ensure you use one that won’t irritate your skin, and double check if you have a jetted tub to make sure that it’s compatible with your fixtures.

To get all the best benefits, you should stay in the water for about twenty to thirty minutes. Although even ten minutes can be long enough to help you feel relaxed. But if you want to stay in the water, as long as it’s a safe temperature, grab your book or Kindle and enjoy. Make sure you get out of the tub safely, too—use a grab bar and step onto a non-slip mat when you get out.

How can The Tub Pros help me?

At The Tub Pros, we’re proud to be the leading refinishing service in the Mid-South. Whether you need work on an acrylic tub, porcelain tiled shower or counter, or cultured marble shower, we can refinish the surface to look and work like new and make your space look great. We also increase the value of your home with the least amount of money. Our services cost a fraction of a traditional kitchen or bath renovation. 

How much does it cost to refinish a bathtub? While the estimate will depend on your project and space size, reglazing can be done for a fraction of the price of a full remodel, and only takes a few hours, rather than weeks waiting on supplies and more time for demolition and new installation.

We specialize in adding features, like the Safeway Step or Tub Door. They make bathing easier and safer for loved ones. Bathtub seats for the elderly don’t mean that you need full bathroom remodel ideas—a few accessibility features can renovate the space you already have and get it working like new….but safer!

Looking for “bathtub reglazing near me” in the Greater Memphis area? Give The Tub Pros team a call at (901) 871-8827 or use our online contact to get a free estimate and start on your bath and kitchen improvement today. Additional free value added information can be found in our website article library. 

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