While it’s still warm here in the Mid-South, Labor Day brought in the unofficial end of summer and a shift towards shorter cooler fall days in Memphis, Germantown, Arlington, and Mississippi and Arkansas. With stores beginning to put out merchandise for the upcoming holidays and school kicking back into gear for the kids, it’s starting to feel a little like fall; even though the weather still hits high’s that trick us into thinking it’s summer. The Tub Pros is gearing up for a busy fall season of improving bathroom safety by installing Tub Doors and more. 

A cozy home can be a big part of fall activities for many people. A warm, comfortable space to unwind after a long day is a great feeling. For some that might mean curling up with a book or TV show—maybe a good meal—for others, a hot, relaxing bath. Warm water can be soothing—but it can do much more than that, too. Warm water can ease aches and pains associated with colder weather.

As cold weather impacts muscles and mobility, it can also make getting in and out of the tub uncomfortable, or even dangerous. But that’s no reason to give up a hot bath—a Tub Door or Safeway Step can help you or a loved one continue to enjoy warm bath water while also staying safe.

So what exactly are a Tub Door and Safeway Step? Here, we’ll break down why these features are so useful, how they’re installed, and how The Tub Pros can do this quickly and affordably.  

Why does colder weather impact muscles and mobility?

If you’ve ever noticed your joints or muscles feeling sore and achy when it’s cold outside, you aren’t alone—many people experience this, and scientists have many theories about why it happens. One main reason? When the temperature is low, your muscles contract, trying to stay warm. Picture any time you’ve wrapped your arms around yourself for heat, or imagine a cat curled up tightly to keep warmth trapped near their body.

Your muscles do the same thing—but when they get tighter and contract, they also restrict joint flexibility. This can lead to aches and pains, and, as your range of motion becomes smaller, you are also more prone to injury. Stretching tight muscles to be able to do tasks that are normally easy when your muscles are relaxed, can lead to soreness as well.

You might be wondering what any of this has to do with Tub Doors and Safety Steps? Anyone can be susceptible to cold weather aches and pains, but those with limited mobility or physical disabilities are especially vulnerable to safety concerns in the bathroom. Those with Multiple Sclerosis (MS), for example, may already have limited muscle activity. As muscles tighten, this can restrict motion even more. The same can happen with arthritis. Fluids that keep your joints moving smoothly, also move less easily in the cool weather.

Why can limited mobility cause danger in the bathroom?

Limited range of motion, no matter the cause, can make the bathroom—which is already the most dangerous room in the house—even more risky. There are about 22 million accidental bathroom injuries every year in the US, and over two thirds of those happen around the tub or shower.

There are a few factors behind that. First, water and wet surfaces can make it easier to slip and fall—second, the bathroom is full of hard, unforgiving surfaces. Third, there’s the way that bathtubs and showers are set up—taking a step into or out of the bathtub requires a range of motion and balance.  A missed step or the inability to step over and into or out of, a tub or into a shower, can result in a painful fall with bruising and even broken bones.

How can the Safeway Step or Tub Door help?

Bathroom safety risks do not mean that you need to give up a warm shower or bath—something that is so important in cooler months to keep muscles relaxed and flexible. There are many accessibility safety features that can make the bathroom much safer. The Safeway Step and Tub Door sleek design also looks good with all styles of decor.

First is the Safeway Step. This does just what the name suggests—it creates a safe way to get into and out of the shower. This feature lowers part of the tub’s side, creating an opening that only requires a small step to get in and out. Rather than stepping over the side of the tub, this small step is safer, while still allowing you access to a warm shower.

A Tub Door is much the same. This feature follows the same process—it creates an opening in one side of the tub, lowering it, so it’s easy to navigate in and out. But the Tub Door—as the name suggests—also adds a door, which opens and closes after you’ve gotten in or out of the tub. This means that the tub can still be filled with water for a hot bath, while allowing easy movement in and out of the tub.  

These are often accompanied by other accessibility fixtures that can help ensure safe movement around the tub. These can include grab bars, benches, and hand-held shower heads—all of which allow you to enjoy the warm water, while making sure you and your loved ones stay safe.

Best of all? These features only take about two to four hours to install. While a bathroom remodel could take weeks, the Safeway Step and Tub Door make your space fully functional for you and your family on the same day, in a matter of hours.

Where can I find bathtub conversion or bathtub repair companies near me?

When it comes to accessibility installations, counter and sink reglazing, and bathtub refinishing, Memphis residents (and residents of the greater Memphis-metro area), turn to The Tub Pros.  Not only do we install Safeway Step and Tub Door features, but we also do reglazing and repair for a variety of bathroom—and kitchen—surfaces.

And installation, reglazing, and bathtub crack repair cost is much more affordable than a replacement or full remodel. Best of all, it only takes a fraction of the time and money. You can have a refreshed space in a matter of hours, and your life is back up and running even better than before.

Whether you’re looking for Safeway Step or Tub Door installation, bathtub repair, or counter and sink reglazing near me in the Mid-South area, call (901) 871-8827 or use our online contact tool to get a free estimate on your project. We’re here to help make your kitchen and bathroom dreams come true at a fraction of the cost! Additional free value added information can be found in our website article library. 

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