The kitchen is often called the heart of the home, and during COVID-19, this has been truer than ever. Kitchens have become the hub of home life during social distancing—whether that’s cooking three meals a day, preparing snacks, unloading groceries or takeout, or even work or school!

With back to school for kids looking a little different this year, many are distance learning in the kitchen—or spending their short breaks there looking for a snack. If your kids are in online classes, you may have found yourself spending a lot of time in the kitchen helping with snacks—or taking your own short break.

If these first few weeks of school have proved frustrating, there are some steps you can take to make your kitchen work better for your family! This article provides some kitchen organization ideas that might get your space working better—and some ideas for what you can do if it needs a helping hand.

Tip #1: Some organization can help kids get their own meals and snacks

If you’re spending a lot of time preparing meals for your kids, a bit of prep beforehand can help kiddo’s do these tasks themselves! Bins or baskets in the fridge and on the counter can organize options for lunches or snacks, so kids can grab several components and make their own balanced meal.

If you have the space in your kitchen, you might consider using a cabinet or drawer—particularly a lower one—exclusively for lunch or snack options for kids. This space might store favorite snacks, lunch options, and even dishes.

But even small kitchens can have room—a basket or bin set on a corner of the counter can organize options for kids. A small part of a shelf in the fridge can hold a bin of pre-prepared options like fruit, deli meat, or veggies, so kids don’t have to interrupt you for a snack, which can keep you productive and get your kids to class on time.

Tip #2: Create a kitchen homework spot

If your child has been doing schoolwork in the kitchen—or if you’ve been using that space as an office—a few updates can make it a better spot to work, both for your student and for the whole family. If there’s room in your home, consider using a small desk, corner, or countertop area rather than the whole kitchen table or island, which can prove messy and frustrating.

A fold-down desk or small table might fit in a corner or against a wall. Equipping this area with the things your kids need to get their work done can streamline the process—this might mean a basket of school supplies, chargers, and a light. In addition to providing a spot for your kids to work, this means that while you’re making dinner, you can also ensure that homework gets done. 

If your kids are working at the kitchen table? Consider adding a storage space or some functional trays where you can stack things to get them out of the way—but still know where they are—at the end of the day.

Tip #3: Don’t forget yourself!

While organization can get the kitchen moving smoothly for the kids, that’s not to say that the whole space needs to be dedicated to them! Even a simple update—like designating a part of the counter to be a coffee bar—can make your morning or midday routine simpler.

Organizing a drawer, countertop area, or drawer to hold essentials—like mugs, spoons, coffee, or tea—can make the kitchen a less hectic and more enjoyable place to be. And grab-and-go setups for lunches and snacks might make your day more straightforward, too. Try setting up a basket or bin in the fridge or on the counter for yourself, especially if you find yourself spending too much time trying to make choices, overeating, or not eating at all. Taking care of yourself will help you to take care of everyone else.

You might also take into consideration whether or not your kitchen is working for your family. Chipped, cracked, or scratched countertops or tile can seriously decrease the enjoyment that you take in a space. Making even simple updates to improve the appearance of the kitchen can really help how you feel—so much so that realtors even rate something called The Joy Score, which measures how happy renovations make the homeowners who make them. On a scale of 0 – 10, kitchen renovations beat out all other home projects, clocking in at an astonishing 10 out of 10.

And kitchen updates need not be expensive. If your granite countertops are worn and tired, or if your corian countertop is showing its wear, refinishing could be for you. This quick and inexpensive procedure can get a surface looking good as new in just a few hours, for a fraction of the cost of replacement.

Sinks and tile can also be refinished, and can look clean and new within a day! For those looking for a bigger change, faux granite countertops can give you the look of stone for a fraction of the cost. If your kitchen leaves you feeling frustrated or tired, it might be time for a change. (Psst—wondering “where can I find counter and sink reglazing near me?” Read on!)

Tip #4: Create a family command center

During this pandemic, with many families spending more time together, many may be feeling stress or frustration. Setting aside a wall area for a calendar or whiteboard where different family members can keep track of their daily obligations and keep everyone posted might help keep everyone organized.

In Conclusion: Where can I find counter and sink reglazing near me?

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