Though it still feels like summer here in the Greater Memphis area of Tennessee, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Mississippi, August signals the start of fall semester and back to school season for many families with little ones. This shift back to a regular schedule can be a relief, while also posing its own unique challenges, as kids and parents alike move back into the school year routine. This usually includes earlier wake up times, earlier bedtimes, and new factors like homework, sports, and other school and after-school activities. The Tub Pros wants to wish everyone a happy, healthy and safe 2023-24 back-to-school year. 

One place that can be a major hub of activity–both while kids are getting ready for school and while they’re getting ready for bed–is the bathroom. Kids’ bathrooms are an important part of your home–when they function well for your family, it can make daily routines easier, while if they aren’t working to their full potential, they can complicate daily tasks. Here, we’ll break down some tips on creating functional, beautiful kids bathrooms that improve function for the upcoming school year, and tell you about the other home improvement services The Tub Pros offers to get your home looking and working at its very best for your family in this 2023 back-to-school season. 

Consider durable and accessible materials 

When designing or making changes to a kids’ bathroom, think about the long-term use that this space will get. Your priority might be a nicely reglazed tub where little kids can enjoy playing with bath toys and scented bath bombs. Or a newly refinished countertop where teenagers can explore and learn about their own sense of style with hair and makeup. The bathroom needs to be designed with years of use in mind–and for this reason, it’s a good idea to pick highly durable materials–like reglazed ceramic tile or a porcelain tub–that are easy to clean. Consider repairing any damage to existing materials, too–cracks, chips, or damage might seem small, but can be unsightly and cause long-term damage to your home and fixtures, since they can allow water to seep under the protective surface of your tub or shower. 

Also consider features like a textured surface at the bottom of the tub or shower, which can help to prevent kids from slipping, or grab bars that can help them if they play too hard or lose their balance. Bathrooms can be a dangerous place for children–over half of accidents that happen in bathrooms happen to kids under five. In addition to supervision, small changes–like rounded hardware on cabinets, non-scalding temperature faucets, non-slip bath mats, and shatterproof glass doors–can make the bathroom safer for everyone who uses it, but especially for small children. 

Be creative with design 

While it might seem natural to make the kids’ bathroom in your home match other spaces in terms of design, it’s actually a place where even future home buyers enjoy seeing a fun touch. This can be a large design element–think colorful accent tiles–or a smaller, easier-to-change one, like a bright coat of paint on a wall, or towels, mats, and a shower curtain with characters or colors that your kids like. 

2023 design trends have called for just these kinds of touches–think bright tile, pops of unexpected color, and accents that show off the personality of the people using the room. It’s fun to see a room that reflects who you are, and getting children involved in selecting colors or patterns can make the space more fun for them. Which can also be a big mood-boost when it is time for a bath. Small changes–like hanging artwork or cubby nets for toys that are at eye-level for little kids, can make the bathroom more fun and more accessible, too. 

Streamline daily tasks 

Hanging artwork at eye-level isn’t the only thing you can do to help make the space friendlier for kids–there are things you can do to help kids and teens of all ages. For little kids, putting up a dry-erase board for a morning routine checklist somewhere in the bathroom can help them stay on task in the morning. A designated spot for bath toys can also make them easier to keep organized. Keeping them from becoming a safety hazard and scattered all over the floor is very important. A step stool by the sink can make it easier for kids to reach the sink or cabinet without needing help. 

But kids and teens of all ages can benefit from small changes that make daily tasks just a little easier. A hamper in the bathroom can be a simple way to keep clothes off the floor, a toilet paper hook, instead of one with a spring, can make it easier for little ones to switch out the roll. Chores like these are especially hard for kids and teens–picking up clothes or refilling the toilet paper roll are boring tasks with no clear reward. By making small changes that make the task a little easier, you’re helping kids to get the tasks done while their brains and hand-eye coordination are still developing. 

How can The Tub Pros help make my bathroom better? 

You want a bathroom that your kids use to work well for them–whether that means letting them bring some personality into the space, or providing accessories and tools that make the room easy for younger kids to use. And you want it to look well-cared for, and be easy to keep clean, too. So if you’re running into problems–like rust, cracks, chips, or damage–and are wondering how to fix cracked tile in shower floor and tub areas–we’re here to help. The highly trained professionals at The Tub Pros, are proud to be the leading refinishing service in the Mid-South. Our professional refinishing and repair services get your bathroom looking good as new in a fraction of the time and cost of a traditional bathroom remodel. Ideas that you have for the space can easily come true with a wide option of colors, accessibility features, and other bathroom improvement services that will make your home function at its best potential. 

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