As spring continues to warm up the Mid-south region of Memphis, Mississippi, and Arkansas, you might be thinking about all the fun experiences getting on their way here, for the summer. Cookouts with family and friends, ice cold sweet tea in the hot weather, and holidays like Memorial Day and the Fourth of July are all fun parts of summer. Food and cooking is a big part of all of these, as well as a call to The Tub Pros if you need some kitchen improvements. As you work through your spring cleaning list, you’ll want to make sure you hit the kitchen especially well, so the heart of the home is ready for fun.

The kitchen gets so much use that it’s actually very easy to miss some small spots during regular cleaning or a spring deep clean. Looking at something so often might mean you don’t think about it. Here, we’ll break down some of these commonly missed spring cleaning spots, and let you know how The Tub Pros can help to make sure your space looks and functions at its very best for the season ahead.

Grill and Outdoor Kitchen Areas

Your grill might not get a lot of use over the winter, which means it could need some love before getting back to use in the spring and summer. Before you start using it, make sure to remove any debris from the inside, and scrub the racks well with soap and water or a mix of vinegar and baking soda. Steel wool or a wire brush can help you remove any burned-on debris. Wipe down the outside, and enjoy your clean grill.

Trash Cans

As you clean, you probably toss paper towels or bits of debris into the trash can—make sure to give the inside of the trash can a good cleaning, too. Over time, crumbs or odors can stick around in the interior. Empty the can, and then rinse out the inside—either in a bathtub or outside with a hose. Clean the inside with an all purpose cleaner, and scrub until any remaining bits are gone. Let the container dry before returning to regular use.

Reusable bottles and containers

If you help the environment and use reusable containers—like jars for flour or coffee, or bottles for oil or vinegar—it’s time to clean those, too. Wipe down the outsides with a sanitizing wipe, and clean the insides next time with hot soapy water when they run out, so you have a clean interior, too.

Light fixtures

Under-cabinet lights, pendant lights, or ceiling lights can all accumulate dust and grease over the course of the year, and might get some unnoticed food splatters from the kitchen, too. Start with a soft cloth—like a microfiber cleaning rag—to wipe off these surfaces. For pendant lights with a shade, you can remove the shade and depending on the type of material, wash with gentle soap and water. This can remove accumulated dirt and fog, and let your lights shine at full brightness.

The top and sides of the fridge

As you clean up the interior of the fridge as part of your spring cleaning—wiping down shelves, drawers, and tossing expired food stuff—make sure you hit the exterior of the fridge, too. The top can be a prime spot for accumulating dust. If you store anything on top, it can also accumulate crumbs or clutter. Make sure to thoroughly dust and wipe down the top, and—if the sides of your fridge are visible—wipe away any gooey finger prints and splatters there. Dust the vents, too—this can help it run more efficiently. Depending on your kitchen, you may be able to pull the fridge away from the wall and clean under and behind it with a soft brush and vacuum hose.

Small appliances

While cleaning your large appliances, it can be easy to forget the small ones. Make sure to clean any appliances, especially those that get regular use—like coffee pots, microwave, tea kettles, or blenders. While instructions might differ for different makes and models, many coffee makers and tea kettles can be easily cleaned by filling them with vinegar and running a regular cycle. You might, depending on your machine, want to run a second cycle of water through afterwards, to make sure you remove any remaining debris or aftertaste.

Insides of Drawers and cabinets

The newest kitchen trends are moving towards lots of under-counter storage in drawers—make sure the drawers in your space get a spring cleaning, too. Crumbs and dust can accumulate over the course of regular use, and making sure they’re free of debris can make them look better while also preventing issues like bugs. Take out everything inside, clean any organizers, and wipe out the inside of the drawer. This could also be a chance to replace stained or dirty liner paper, and to declutter the drawer, too. Do the same with cabinets and shelves above the counter, too.  

How can The Tub Pros help me?

It can be easy to overlook coffee splatters on the coffee pot, or dust on top of the fridge. And it is also easy to get used to chips, cracks, or damage to your counters, tile, or porcelain sink, too—until these elements of wear start to make it hard to keep clean and drag down the look and feel of your kitchen.

Luckily, there’s no need for a costly major renovation—The Tub Pros offer refinishing services. Whether you’re wondering how to revitalize Corian countertops that are showing their age or wondering if kitchen sink reglazing can bring your porcelain sink back to life. Reglazing is a simple process that takes just a fraction of the time and a fraction of the expense of a larger renovation or replacement. Your home can look its best again in just a few hours—meaning you don’t have to be inconvenienced for weeks occupied with a renovation.

So when you’re looking for repairs on your countertop—or even a new look, like faux granite countertops—repairs or new colors for tiled backsplashes, or porcelain sink crack repair, we’re here to help! Give us a call at (901) 871-8827 or use our online contact for a free estimate. We will show you how to get your spring clean repairs affordably . Additional free value added information can be found in our website article library. 


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