Summer in the Mid-South is often a favorite time of year. Nice weather, family vacations, and the many attractions in the Greater Memphis region are just some of the reasons that many people enjoy the warmer months. The Tub Pros, serving Memphis, Collierville, Germantown, Mississippi and Arkansas hope everyone is staying safe and cool in the upcoming summer time. But summer in the Mid-South is also known for its temperamental weather, and damage from severe storms, tornadoes, or even lingering hurricane storms can put a damper on summer plans. 

Anxiety before or after the storm itself can make the season even more stressful. Power losses, cleaning up damage, and the loss of fridge and freezer contents after time without power can take up time and money, and make you worry before a storm is even on the way. 

But there are steps you can take to be prepared for severe weather all year round. Here, we’ll break down what you can do to get your home ready for an emergency–and what The Tub Pros can do to help you get your space working at its very best. 

Why do I need an emergency preparedness kit? 

You might know the saying that it’s better to be safe than sorry. When it comes to creating an emergency kit for your family, that definitely holds true–it’s better to be prepared than to be caught off guard by a power-outage, storm-damage situation, flood, or evacuation. Keeping some basic supplies in a specific place in your home, at your place of work, and in your car can ensure that you have what you need if something unexpected happens, and can make your life easier in that unfortunate situation. 

What should be in my emergency preparedness kit? 

While some elements of your kit might differ depending on your exact circumstances, there are some good basics to have on hand. The first is clean drinking water. Keeping a three day supply of water for each person in your household, about a gallon of water for each person per day, is a good rule of thumb, though if you have room, keeping more water on hand can be a good idea, up to about a two-week supply, especially if you use well water – a power outage could leave you without water. Make sure to adjust accordingly–extra water might be required for specific needs, like mixing baby formula. And make sure to count your pets as members of the family when storing water, too. 

Keep at least three days’ worth of food for each member of your household on hand as well. Choose things that are ready-to-eat and have a long shelf life–canned vegetables and meats, protein bars, and dry goods like crackers, granola, and peanut butter can all be good options. Make sure to have a can opener as part of your kit, too, and consider special dietary needs when choosing what foods to keep on hand–don’t forget pet food, food for infants or small children, or foods for family members with allergies. 

Personal hygiene items–like wet wipes, toilet paper, garbage bags, and hand sanitizer–are also good additions to your kit. So are medications that you or family members take daily–keep at least a week’s supply on hand. Other basic first aid items, like assorted bandages, pain and fever reducers, antiseptic wipes, and gloves, are also good to have on hand. Keep medicines for children or pets as well. First aid kits often come with an emergency blanket, a thermometer, gauze, and other items–when choosing or putting together a first aid kit, these can be good things to include. 

Other items to keep in your kit include a weather radio, batteries, a flashlight, and a backup battery for your phone or other electronic items. Make sure to keep that battery charged, and choose a radio and flashlight that are battery or hand-crank operated, to ensure that they work even without electricity. Paper maps, contact information for loved ones, and cash are also good to have on hand, in case access to electricity or internet access is limited. Copies of important documents and information for all your family members are also good to keep as part of your kit. 

To store your emergency kit, choose a cool, dry place–a basement, which might also work as a place to shelter during a storm can be a good choice–and ensure that you check on it every six months to make sure that all items are within their expiration dates and are ready to use. Medicines and bottled water can have an expiration date–don’t forget to check these, including medicines inside a first aid kit. Batteries can also have an expiration date–check for this, and make sure radios and flashlights work. 

How can The Tub Pros help around my home this summer? 

Your kitchen and bathroom play a major part in your life–these spaces not only keep your daily life running smoothly, but can make a big difference in your emergency preparedness when they function well. Having surfaces that are easy to clean, are protected against long-term damage, and look clean and well-cared for can make a big difference–and that’s how we can help. 

When your sink, tub, or tile cracks or chips, it can look worn and tired, and can lead to long-term damage down the road. That’s where our reglazing and sink, shower, and bathtub crack repair services can help protect your fixtures while boosting the look and function of your home. And whether you love the latest summer kitchen trends or a classic style, reglazing can update the color and look of your space, too, and works on a wide variety of materials–from a Corian sink to a granite countertop or a cultured marble shower. The process is quick, budget-friendly, and keeps your home up and running while giving you a new look and a space that works better for your family. 

So when you’re looking for bathtub reglazing near me or counter and sink reglazing near me in the Greater Mid-South region, turn to The Tub Pros. We’re proud to be the leading refinishers in the Mid-South and a member of the Better Business Bureau. Read our online Google reviews and give us a call at (901) 871-8827 or use our online contact link to get a FREE estimate and start on your project today. Additional free value added information can be found in our website article library.


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