Every year, design experts at the Pantone Color Institute choose a color of the year—a shade that reflects the year before, anticipates the year to come, and has a major impact on the world of style in Memphis Tennessee, Arkansas and northern Mississippi. This year’s color—Viva Magenta—(think 70’s flocked wallpaper) made its debut at the beginning of the year, and now, with spring well on the way here in the Mid-South, may be making more of an appearance in design choices that The Tub Pros are sure to help bring to your home. 

So what exactly is the color of the year—why does it matter, and how might you see it or use it in your home? Here, we’ll break down what the 2023 color of the year means, and how the Tub Pros can help you as you make your own design choices for the year.

Why does the Color of the Year matter?

Pantone is important in the world of design because the company standardizes colors and helps companies around the world match colors. This means that companies speak the same “language”—when using Pantone’s colors, they know that they’re referring to the same shades. This also means that Pantone holds a lot of influence over the world of design and style.

This isn’t a random color—specialists spend almost a year studying trends in every element of society, from fashion to politics and interior design to social media. Consider the colors that Pantone has chosen every year since 2000—many of them might seem familiar as you consider the past two decades. The pale pink and pale blue of 2016’s colors might remind you of the minimalism that was so popular then—2008’s calming blue might remind you of seeking certainty during the years of the great recession.

For the past few years, the COVID-19 pandemic has influenced the colors of the year, too. 2021’s pale gray and buttery yellow reflected a need for calmness and for hope—2022’s periwinkle reflected both hope and calmness.

What is 2023’s color of the year?

For the year 2023, Pantone has chosen a shade called “Viva Magenta” as the color of the year. The company describes it as a color, “that is based on the reds that appear in nature”, and as a reflection of joy, optimism, bravery, strength, and self-expression. The color speaks to the events of the past several years, and predicts the year ahead as one of recovery. It reflects the strength and bravery of people around the world for the past few years, and predicts a joyful, optimistic year ahead.

Not only that, but the color also speaks to the importance of nature, and the pull towards it that many people feel—it’s a shade that appears in nature around the world, from flowers and mountains to the Northern Lights.

How might I see this color in design?

Viva Magenta is already making its way into homes. The color is versatile—bold pink walls can create a cozy room that feels smaller and intimate, while a pop of pink can add interest and fun to a lighter-colored room. With colorful cabinets and bold wallpaper becoming more on trend, you may see magenta make its way into spaces as part of a mix of other colors of similar shades, too. You may see the color appear in dishes, glassware, accents, and fashion, too.

How can I use Viva Magenta in my home?

The kitchen and bathroom trends 2023 that have been brought in lend themselves well to the use of magenta—with maximalism and personality of major importance in design, there are countless ways to add a pop of color to your space.

A fully magenta room might not be to everyone’s taste—though some may like the warm, cozy results. For a lighter touch, an accent wall or wallpaper incorporating the shade could be a way to include this popular 2023 shade without overwhelm. An accent piece—like a sofa, chair, or footstool—might be another way to use magenta. Depending on the style of the piece, the space might feel fun or richly vintage-inspired—it’s up to your imagination.

Accents like art or plant pots could go a long way towards livening up a space, and the color of the year could also be a fun touch in a kids bathroom, kitchen nook, or home office. Magenta as an accent tile could add natural-inspired interest to a bathroom or backsplash, too. For those who prefer a less-permanent way to add interest to a space, though, a shower curtain, rug, or towels could also draw the eye and make the space look modern and on-trend.

But if magenta isn’t for you, consider some of the 2023 colors of the year chosen by other companies—many are similar, and all reflect contemporary ideas just as well.

How can The Tub Pros help me?

When it comes to tile, sink, counter, and bathtub refinishing Memphis residents and residents of the greater Mid-South region love, the Tub Pros are here for all your refinishing and reglazing needs. Whether you need kitchen sink reglazing to repair chips, cracks, or damage to your porcelain sink, bathtub resurfacing to update the color or repair damage to your tub, or other services—like accessibility features or a new countertop look—our certified professionals are here to make your home look and function its very best.

Is bathtub refinishing worth it? Many of our clients have asked this question, and we’re here to assure you that it is. For a fraction of the price of a remodel, you can have a space that looks great, and works well for you and your family. The color of the year reminds us that having a style that reflects you is a major part of having a home that feels comfortable and welcoming—which can have a big influence on your mood and how you feel.

So if you’re ready to get started on your kitchen or bath home improvement project, call us today at (901) 871-8827 or use our online tool for a free price quote and workmanship warranty. The Tub Pros make your home dreams come true.  Additional free value added information can be found in our website article library. 

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